Quizzn –
social learning

The idea

Quizzn believes that there are two major problems that can make learning hard: lack of motivation and poorly explained material (or lack of material). Both can be fixed. Let me explain.

Lack of motivation comes when there is some topic or material that you don’t like very much; maybe it’s just something you need to learn to pass the test; maybe you don’t see the point knowing it when there is Google and you have better things to do with your time. Just kidding. But how can it be fixed? Well, usually, you grab a book, read it over and over until you finally get it, you turn the page, and do the same. You also can make flashcards (online or on paper), and do the same - repeat over and over. But it does not seem like a fun or effective way to study, everything that involves repetition becomes boring eventually, and boredom is the worst enemy of our memory.

The best example is to see how children learn. Do children learn to write, talk, walk, or count through books and lectures? Can you teach a child to do that just by explaining the action? I doubt it. Children learn through games and only when it is enjoyable for them, it is what keeps them interested and motivated. Why do many adults assume that learning at older age has to be boring and if it is fun, it is childish. It does not have to be this way! It’s in our nature, we learn best when it’s interesting and entertaining, and when it’s not, the efficiency of the memory is extremely low. It’s one of those times when you read something, and suddenly realize that you've read the whole page without realizing what it's about. The human mind remembers best when there’s emotional connection, in other words: when it’s not boring.

The second problem comes when you have all the material you need and you really want to understand and remember all of it, but it’s hard to grasp all the material at once. Let someone help you! Also, maybe there’s one thing you just can’t figure out yourself. In that case, you could really use an explanation, or someone’s opinion, or just brainstorm it with someone and discuss your view of the subject. You can do it with your teacher, or with classmates, in other words; with people who know the answer or also want to learn it. But what if you don’t have a class, you learn it yourself, and you might not get all the answers you need. With Quizzn you can discuss the answer with your virtual "classmates" (other users) while being at home!

The "How?"

So how can Quizzn help anyone study anything?

Firstly, by connecting people that study the same subject you are. Think of virtual class, where you have all the material and lectures you need with people who want to discuss the subject with you. Connect with your classmates, teachers, and other people around the globe. People that speak Spanish can help people that want to learn it; mathematicians can help explain equations that some don’t quite know how to solve; teachers can help their students, or even evaluate the the students' knowledge. The list goes on. Basically, anyone can offer a piece of knowledge and grab a piece themselves!

Secondly, and most importantly, - practice. It is one thing you don’t do much in class. You can practice in a number of ways: flashcards, quizzes, correct answer matching, playing hangman (and other fun games), you name it. Compete with other people for the best score, complete challenges and get rewards, and try and get to the top of the scoreboard at your subject. If that’s not going to motivate you, then I don’t know what will!

What's next?

Quizzn is a very young project, but has already achieved so much. We still have tons of ideas to bring to life. Here's the main directions we take to become better.


We plan to add more interactive ways to practice your subjects. As of now, there are Flashcards and Quiz practices.


It's more fun to study with someone, isn't it? We strive for open study resources, shared worldwide.


Also, we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to create study materials to teach or to study.