It’s time to get to know each other

Hello our dear quizzners!

It has been a long journey since the first launch of Quizzn Project. This year Quizzn has celebrated it’s first year of serving such an amazing people like you, and we’re very proud to continue to provide the best educational tool you need.

Since the beginning, we have accomplished a lot with your help and feedback. And it’s still only a small bit from what we have in mind, but with your support we can make it real.
To summarize what we’ve achieved:

- Quizzn Project went live in January 2014
- Introduced Multiple Choice (Quiz) practice
- Introduced Flashcard practice
- Complete redesign with mobile support
- Fast and easy ways to add study materials: .csv import, Quiz Maker
- Build a solid gallery of study materials that continues to grow
- Introduced Dashapp for seamless use of Quizzn features
- Introduced “requiz” feature
- Introduced in-app messenger for easy communication between quizzners
- Introduced Study Groups
- Launched Android and iOS mobile applications

From now on, we want to be closer to you, so we’re introducing Bloggn section where we’re going to speak our mind, share our plans, or just say “Hi” to the best users in the world - you. The only thing we ask in return is your support.

Here are some ways to support Quizzn:
1. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ for the latest updates, news, tutorials, study materials, and more.
2. Send us your feedback at [email protected] or on Bloggn web page. Have a great idea for Quizzn? Have an issue? Or just want to share your experience? Tell us, it really means a lot to us.
3. Tell your friends about Quizzn, share our tweets and posts, follow our blog.

Thank you for such a warm and welcome year!

Happy studying,
Quizzn Team